Leaders are first and foremost people and can have a “bad” day. Even when their day is “good”, they can show signs of insecurity or weakness. We can all be vulnerable at times and that is why it is crucial for any agile leader to admit a mistake if he makes it.
Sometimes, in everyday work, a leader may not even notice that he has made a mistake. In that case, when he realizes that he was wrong, the right leader will immediately admit this, because pushing a mistake under the carpet can only make the situation worse and produce even a loss of trust of team members.
For example, when writing a software, a single error in the code automatically cascades further error production. In a team, every “unrecognized” mistake can produce the second and the third mistake. At the same time, trust in the leader by the team decreases with each unrecognized mistake. When mistrust arises in a team, people withdraw into themselves or start looking for another job.
People don’t quit because of the firm but because of the leader who leads them (or doesn’t lead them).
On the other hand, the solution to this “problem” is very simple. A leader must not allow himself to be guided by his ego, but to honestly admit to his team the mistake he made. Sometimes that mistake is harmless, and sometimes it can be serious. The team has the capacity to forgive every mistake if the leader admits it on time and they all learn something from it together.
If you don’t make too many mistakes, people will believe you. Reputation is on the side of the leader.
However, no one has unlimited credit to constantly make and repeat a mistake, even if they immediately and repeatedly admit it. You need to be moderate and have balance in everything. Only someone who learns from mistakes and creates such an environment will certainly not get into such a situation.
Creating a secure environment in which the leader and the whole team learns, grows and develops is the basic task of an agile leader. In such an environment, there is a culture of error, people value them and learn from them.

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