„Agile leadership“ open training, Belgrade

The business environment is increasingly complex, and companies and leaders are expected to deliver more innovative products and services faster while preserving the core business and company culture. Classical leadership often cannot answer the following questions:
– How to quickly establish confidence in teams where fluctuations are high?
– How can you better understand customers?
– Why does each team member require a different approach?

Agile leadership is a program that aims to create awareness and insights into agile leadership thinking, business focuses and behaviors. It is based on practice, education, and interaction that develops agile leadership competencies and skills.
In this training, trainees are given a set of agile skills and tools to lead teams, manage themselves and change.

Learn more:
How do agile companies work?
What are agile metrics and how could we apply them?
What agile leadership principles are and how could we apply them?


For more information, do not hesitate to write to: info@cetbalkan.com or call: 0638690026

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