„Leadership is making a difference with intention.“

Agile leader’s focus is on relationship development, managing context and providing employees growth.

In this time of “social distance” and work from home, all of the above-mentioned activities are more than important and hard to implement at the same time. It’s crucial to be a leader and lead ourselves and our team.

We’ve created this ONLINE training to support leaders to gain full contribution to their company and to fundamentally support their teams in these challenging times.

It doesn’t matter if you have leaders with decades of experience or they are first-time leaders, this is new to all of us. We will reveal the full potential in us and we will be a role model for our team members.

What are the key takeaways from the training :

  • Useful and immediately applicable tools to work with the teams
  • A clear focus on team development
  • Set of the principles which will help leaders to lead their lives first, their teams and to be fully included in the growth of their company
  • A long list of inspiration and recommendations
  • How to build trust as a key to lead the team

We believe that we create the most valuable and sustainable learning through human interactions and developing team relationships.

This ONLINE training is devoted to this topic using unique learning methodology.


The first ONLINE training – What does it mean?

 “Leaders are those who step first into the unknown.” Simon Sinek

That is why we need to continue learning, modifying the way we perform and adapting to new conditions. However, as always, our four key messages from this training are very much applicable in this moment, but also in the future, because changes in the business model are inevitable:

  • Immediately apply your learnings
  • Inspire yourself and others to action
  • Awaken creativity in yourself and others
  • Enjoy working with people

Who is this training for:

  • Managers and leaders of all levels
  • Scrum masters and Product owners
  • Project managers and team leads

The training starts with “zoom”-ing all of the participants and making online codex for them. That helps the group to have their own pace to the learning.

More information: info@cetbalkan.com or +381638690026

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