On Wednesday, December 17th, the third Lean Startup Night event was held at the Nordeus Hub organized by the Coaching Expert Team. The theme of this workshop was Goal Setting in 2020 – how to set goals for 2020. and more importantly, how to achieve them. The event included three workshops:

1) How to set goals – with Srdjan Pavlovic;

2) How to achieve these goals – with Bojan Milutinovic;

3) How to measure progress along the way – with Anna Pegan.

Lean Startup Night is an interactive event, so, like always, the participants were divided into several groups.. After a welcome and a few introductory words, each group was given their task. The workshop was designed in such a way that the newly learned knowledge can be immediately applied to specific examples, and that everyone contributes, shares insights and observations. Bojan Milutinovic discussed with the participants, motivating them to explain their goals in more detail by asking them challenging questions. Ana Pegan, on the other hand, was tasked with emphasizing the importance of measuring progress even before its completion. The moderators would comment on the objectives and review their potential shortcomings, which added to the overall atmosphere and motivated the workshop participants to engage further.

The tasks were diverse and time-bounded for the first quarter of 2020. Different tasks related to different industries inspired the participants to various solutions. Many creative ideas could be heard, from which many interesting conclusions and comments emerged. As the evening progressed, it became clearer what was essential for creating one goal, which would lead to a greater chance of achieving it. At the end of the workshop, participants were given a final assignment – to write down what they had learned and to attach their new insights to the Learning Log. This was followed by socializing and networking where participants were able to share their experiences and impressions from the workshop as well as from their work. Both the lecturers and participants leave the workshop full of impressions, eagerly awaiting the next gathering and the opportunity for further progress.

You can see the event atmosphere in the gallery below:

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