Our work with leaders is based on the coaching approach. We use 1:1 coaching, team coaching or a combination of these, depending on your company’s needs.
For leaders, we have developed the “Coaching in Business“ programme to integrate the coaching approach into leadership, supporting leaders in leading teams and focusing on the WHY. Key features:

  • Modular learning, four interactive modules
  • Specific set of activities and follow-up between the modules
  • Focus on implementation and sustainability
  • Tailored to the company’s needs

Team coaching is the most powerful tool to engage teams. Benefits of team coaching are:

  • Results-driven team focused on solutions
  • Better team functioning and improved maturity of the team
  • Enhanced development and improvement in processes, services and products
  • Better interpersonal relationships and satisfaction
  • Better time management and effectiveness of the team


Through coaching as a development tool, we work with leaders 1:1, in live sessions or using various communication channels. When coaching is applied to leaders as individuals, it brings fresh thinking and offers different perspectives, and running a business becomes more agile.

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