I’ve helped thousands of people make changes in their existing careers; find their passion and take their careers to the next level. My career coaching will help you discover what you really want, explore the options and take action.

  • Five faces of sales

    Basic sales skills training, both for beginners and experienced sales force. Simple and clear explainations of five sales methodologies.

  • How to sell an idea?

    What is the motivation? How to sell every idea to your team? Using the 4M tool, one of the best tools for discovering the motivational drivers for your team members.

  • B2B chunk training

    B2B sales process, a set of short and easy-to-understand modules. Each part of the sales process in a separate module. This program gives you an opportunity to focus on the part of the sales process where there is most room for improvement.

  • Communication

    Understanding and avoiding the most common communication mistakes.

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