We had the opportunity to confirm that the picture speaks more than a thousand words at the training of visualization, team games and agile leadership “Make your work visible”, held on November 28 and 29 in the unique ambiance of the Belgrade Hotel “Heritage”.

The lecturers were Sabina Lammert from Germany and Srdjan Pavlovic, representing Coaching Expert Team. What sets this training apart from other trainings with similar topics is, in addition to the content itself, the fact that it was held in Serbian. After a brief introduction of the lecturers, the check-in was started.

The training began with introductions and introductions, but instead of the usual way, the participants got a task to present themselves with illustrations. It was a challenge for everyone, but nonetheless, the task was successfully completed. The team was very diverse, made up of people from different areas of business and from different positions, with different interests, hobbies, and expectations, but with the same goal – to improve their presentation skills and make their business more interesting and compelling. Being open to new ways and perceptions of business in general made this team, despite its differences, yet homogeneous and geared towards accomplishing a common goal to improve and discover their own hidden potentials.

The lecturers had a very difficult task, since all the participants were a little timid when it came to their artistic abilities, and, despite their motivation and enthusiasm, they still had little doubt about whether they would be able to successfully master the basics of visualization. Eager attendants and a rather busy agenda were more of a reason to get to work immediately

Sabina shared a lot of practical tips with the participants when it comes to visualizing and presenting ideas on a flipchart, and how to make any presentation even more interesting and neat, and therefore more compelling. Each theoretical explanation was followed by a task to put the learned into practice, so the students were soon given the opportunity to create their first visualizations.











Well-deserved lunch breaks from creative work were in the cozy foyer of the Heritage Hotel, where networking continued while drinking coffee and eating delicious food.

After the break, the participants started to put their new findings into practice. Along with agile games and a short presentation on agile leadership held by Srdjan Pavlovic, the basic characteristics of an agile leader were presented, and then the participants were tasked with visualizing each one. It is interesting how each person perceives these traits completely differently, but every one of these perspectives is correct in each case. There are no right or wrong answers.








The second day of the training focused on the various agile games that added to the dynamic of the training itself, but also inspired everyone to additionally focus on teamwork, leadership, mutual support and collaboration, and to make it all practical and immediate implementations in order to successfully solve the given challenges and to be victorious as a team. After each game, there was some time for reflection and discussion, everybody came to very interesting conclusions, which will be of great importance for them for future challenges.
















The end of the training was reserved for reflecting on what the participants had the opportunity to learn in two days of this workshop, as well as for expressing their impressions about the training and the lecturers. The collective impression was more than positive, all due to the very nature of the training which brought immediately applicable knowledge. Remember the doubts and concerns from the beginning of the training? This training represents just another example that exercise and motivation always bring results, since progress has been more than obvious for all participants – their skills in visualizing their own ideas in just two days have taken a whole new dimension. Everyone was ready to immediately incorporate new knowledge into their daily routine, thus improving both their presentation skills and their perception of agile in general. The benefits are truly immeasurable because this training is actually a comprehensive course that gives tangible results to all trainees after its completion, which makes it unique and gives all trainees additional motivation to further their development.

After the retrospective, there was one final task to create a visualization that would summarize the impressions and knowledge of the Make Your Work Visible workshop. Everyone presented their work, where they had the opportunity to reflect on their progress and to show by example what they all had the opportunity to learn. This was followed by the award of certificates and check out.

This brings to an end two days of learning, fun and perfecting new skills. The trainees, as well as the lecturers, leave the workshop full of impressions and new acquaintances ready to apply their knowledge and further enhance their newly learned skills.

For more photos from the event check out the gallery below:

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